Center Table / Side Table


Dimension :

Center Table : 120 x 120 x 30 cm
Side Table : 90 x 90 x 40 cm

Cool, understated and generous when it comes to surface, this modern coffee table has got form and function covered.
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Product name: Coffee table

Type of top: handmade metal/Tempered glass

Color name of the top: Brushed gold/ Black

Care instruction: Dry Clean 

Type of base: Metal/ Marble 

Color name of the base: Black powder coated / Black

Heat resistant capacity: ≤ 550℃~for metal / ≤600℃ for glass
General Metal/ Glass Care:
For cleaning operations, we recommend using a soft dry cloth, avoiding chemical products.
Do not use sharp objects directly on the surface to avoid scratching and be careful not to drop things on the surface.
Do not place hot pots directly on glass surfaces to avoid damaging.
 It is not advisable to use hard brush cleaning tools. 
In general, wipe with clean water. 
JK-26566-120 /JK-26567-90
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